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Presentation at Fotogroep de Purmer

About 8 years ago I took part in Fotogroep de Purmer. At that time I was mostly discovering the technical side of photography. This was the place where I found out that I wanted to study at an art academy. Recently they invited me to talk about my “life story” as they called it. It felt like an honor and as well a challenge to create a presentation about my photography, so I accept to do it.

The story I told was about how I progressed from passionate to professional photographer and how I made steps forward. During my presentation I asked some questions like: “How did you became interested in photography?” and “What makes a good photograph for you?”. Knowing the last one can be really hard to answer, I had great fun hearing all the opinions and seeing happen the discussion it stimulated.

For me it was a real trip down memory lane. Mostly I think of now and the future, but it was actually very motivational to look back and see the sometimes tortuous path I’ve taken. All in all, I would do it again if I get the opportunity. 

Thanks Fotogroep de Purmer for having me!

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