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Rotterdam Photo; Commuter #1

After I was selected to exhibit at Rotterdam Photo, I made the decision to keep it simple and just show one photo. Since I prefer to work with series of photos, it was a challenge to come up with an image which was able to tell a story on it’s own. The choice for one image would mean that all the attention went to the depicted person. For most of the time these images are just pictures on my screen, but now I was about the print someone, an absolute stranger to me, at a very large scale canvas. I felt responsible for the person I photographed. Would she be recognized?!

As you can probably imagine, I felt exited to see the image for the first time. It was really big, bigger than life size. People passed by walking over the pavement. It was great to see one of my own images in this street scenery, visible for every passant. The printed image will soon be in my possession and I will start looking for new opportunities to exhibit it. So if you know a good place to show it, just let me know!

Right now the photo festival is over, but next year it will come back I guess. It was great to be part of this and I’m thankful for the people who’ve made it possible. And to answer the question, as far as I know, nobody recognized the girl on the photo. Not yet…

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